Monmouth Surgery is closing on 31st March 2021 – please read


Please read the information on this page, and if you have queries about the process of reregistering at a new surgery please email



Dear Patients,

Re. Dr Vera Austin and Monmouth Surgery

I am writing to let you know that after 34 years of devoting myself to being a doctor, of which 22 years were here in Bath, I have been considering the future options for Monmouth Surgery, my team and myself. The lease on Monmouth Surgery’s building finishes in March 2021 and whilst I have spent several years endeavouring to hand the surgery on to another GP surgery in Bath sadly, despite my best efforts, it has not been viable for a single surgery to assume full responsibility for all of my patients.

This means that Monmouth Surgery will now close on 31st March 2021 which coincides with the end of the lease on our building.

During my time here at Monmouth Surgery I have supported many individuals and families through different phases of their lives, and I will miss the relationships that both I, and my team, have built with our patients which in many cases go well beyond simply medical care. We all feel privileged that you have entrusted your care to our team.

I appreciate that against the backdrop of COVID-19 this may be unsettling news for you, but I have been assured that the BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BSW CCG) will manage the transfer of our patients to other surgeries in Bath before the end of March 2021. They have now identified other surgeries in the area that are able to register Monmouth Surgery patients and who will look forward to welcoming you in due course.

Your care is our top priority and we will do everything we can to make sure you are given the help and support you need over this time of change.

Out of Area Patients (Non BA1/BA2 postcodes) What do you need to do now?

At this stage you do not need to do anything however, we wanted to ensure that you were aware of the plans and had the time to re-register with another surgery closer to your home.  You will need to choose your new surgery and ask to register with them before 31st March 2021.

Bath City (BA1/BA2 postcodes) What do you need to do now?

At this stage you do not need to do anything.

Over the next few weeks we will work with BSW CCG and the other surgeries in Bath to help them plan your transfer to a new surgery that will be well placed to meet your needs. You won’t need to register at the new surgery as your records and patient information will also be transferred as part of the managed process.

Once you have been allocated a new surgery, you can choose to transfer there or register at a different surgery of your own choice. There will be time to do that before your records are transferred so you don’t need to make any decisions now.

In the meantime please continue to call us at Monmouth Surgery on 01225 334618 for any queries relating to your ongoing medical care. We are still open providing all our usual services within the limitations that COVID-19 has imposed on us.


What happens next?

We will write to you in the near future with the details of your new surgery.

To make this process as smooth as possible, we won’t be transferring all our patients at the same time. Taking a gradual, managed approach means we can continue to operate effectively over the next few months and the other surgeries in Bath will have the time they need to get their new patients settled in.

You will be advised of the date that you are to be registered at your new surgery.

If you have any concerns about the process of transferring to a new surgery please email

Please also visit our practice website at where you will be able to find further important updates about our plans.

Please note the information in this letter also applies to any children under 16 years of age in your care who are registered at Monmouth Surgery.

Everyone at this surgery will do our best to support a smooth transition for your care to your new surgery.

With our best wishes to you all,


Dr. Vera Austin


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